Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fanmeeting Beast At Malaysia, But I Just Cant Go There =="

Last Friday, 110701, Beast had a 1st Asia Fan Meeting, and the first destination was Malaysia. I was ALMOST joined the fanmeeting, but the reality was, I just couldn't make it T.T~

The fanmeeting was held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, 2 hours showcase starting from 8:30PM.

For me, to go there by using my wholly own money is kinda not my thing (I value money much :P) so I just tried at every contest channels as I could find to win free passes. I even stayed for hours at AstroHitz Kpop Talent Show in Times Square to win those free passes, but I guess this time is not my luck with Astro, after I already got the chance in Beast, 4Minute, G.Na (last January AstroHitz Private TV recording) and with 2AM (My question was actually got selected and Astro directly asked Jinwoon lol)

So, this is the only contest I won, discounted passes for PS1 category seat. But I just can't go there, no transport, no friends to accompany me T.T

About 5000 Malaysia B2UTY attended this fanmeeting. So jealous~

Glad that I still can feel their presence in Malaysia through photos and videos (eventhough there was strictly cannot video recording, but some of them still managed to record, yeayy! Good job b2uties! xD)

Look what I missed T.T

Cr: OplusT, Universal Music Malaysia, MyKpopHuntress



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