Monday, January 30, 2012

Awww Poor My Junhyung ;(

Yoseob posted a photo on his Twitter, a photo displays Junhyung sleeping on a cold dancing floor.

작업실에서 아침에 퇴근하시고 밴드연습에 안무연습까지 하다가 에너지 드링크를 섭취...하지만 못버티고 차가운 바닥에서 잠이 든 족허.. 허나..개인스케쥴로 또 나간 족허..힘내세요 용족허씨.

His tweet translated as:

“Going to the studio in the morning, band practice, and choreography practice, Jun Heo (Junhyung) even drank an energy drink… but he couldn’t take it and fell asleep on the cold floor. Unfortunately, he had another schedule [so he had to get up]. Gather your strength, Yong Jun Heo Ssi. (Junhyung)”

Seobie-yah, don't make me sad to see your conditions T.T Please have enough rest before your Beautiful Show concert Beast! Aja!

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