Saturday, January 14, 2012

What are Hottests?

The fandom established for “2PM,” who debuted in September 4th, 2008, which got all sorts of sh!t due to Jay’s exile and washed too many fans down. Even other fandoms didn’t see us too good, which we almost got bullied. Thought that 2 p.m. is the hottest time of the day, the name means for fans to always get fired up. One other reason for the name is that it matches the members’ description. Listing the members in English, the Hottest is named after Jay’s ‘harmony’, Junsu’s ‘outstanding’, Nickhun’s ‘treasure’, Taecyeon’s ‘terrific’, Wooyoung’s ‘earnest’, Junho’s ‘supreme’, and Chansung’s ‘twinkle.’

1. Because the official fansite got hacked, unofficial fans counts more than official fans of 75000~78000 members.

2. Creative fandom that uses head lanterns, which are typically used by miners.

3. Fandom which energize their day by watching singers rip their clothes.

4. Halmemi (means old-aged fans) fandom -over 70% are in 20s-, who follows Shawol.

5. Sweet fandom with love of halmemi and chocosongi (teenage fans. Apparently, there aren’t too many teenage fans in Korea than any other fandoms.)

6. Hurt fandom.

7. Fandom consists only of main branches instead of breakable, weak branches.

8. Fandom which makes fun of our singer but doesn’t allow them to do so.

9. Fanfics are all nc-17 level.

10. Although Taecyeon has too many nicknames, fandom tries to count and memorize.

11. Fandom which gives thanks for Junho’s typos.

12. Fandom understands Junsu’s musical interest, but always gets angry for nothing paying enough attention to them.

13. Fandom which shouted “Junsu, we can see your panties” out loud in Dream Team.

14. Fandom which wants to cook samgyetang (soup good for health) in order to regain Wooyoung’s cheeks.

15. Smiles with motherly grin whenever the fandom sees Junho’s eye-smiles.

16. Smiles with motherly grin whenever the fandom sees Chansung’smaknae aegyo.

17. They memo every thoughts from new things and opportunities.

18. Fandom that loves head lantern more than official hand light.

19. Phone screen always has photo of 2pm either smiling, being comical, or being stoical.

20. When unni’s appear on TV, they change from ‘oppa, I will believe you, ok?’ to “OPPUAHHH!!!!!!I WHUILLLL BULIEEEEVVEEE YAAAAA, OKAAAYYK~~!!!”

21. Ladies who want to touch Wooyoung’s cheek, to drool by Taecyeon’s six packs, to widen their eyes by looking at Chansung’s eyes, to be hateful for having such a humungous face compare to Khun’s, to bring Junsu’s pants up, and to stick up Junho’s hair.

22. Scary ladies who call Taecyeon “병신(Jerk)” so openly.

23. Only need 15 seconds to get friendly with Hotties.

24. Ladies who will go crazy over Khun once every go to army.

25. Ladies who should be proud for being 2pm’s fan, Hottests.

26. Strong ladies.

27. There are many precious ones.

28. Ladies who live by triggering-motherly-hormones Junho and Wooyoung, crazy music lover Junho, giant aegyo Chansung, and Khun-god.

29. After concerts, they would get taller by an inch for shouting ‘puts your hands up’ while hands are in the air, blinking head lanterns on, and jump, bounce, and get crazy.

30. Wait 2PM Show for Spring of next year and comeback for Fall next year.

31. Desires JunWoo for a unit.

32. Ladies who want to know what, when, who, and how our kids are involved in activities.

33. If they hear 2pm missing necessary amount of food, Hottests would cook samgyetang.
34. Flashes dark balloons with head lanterns, which shines the black color to the points where the balloons are actually visible.

35. Halmemi truly love Chocosongi.

36. Halmemi always teach disciplines to Chocosongi their manners as fans.

37. Fandom who always have patience towards younger fandoms’ offensive acts, at the ends, always argue and talk against them. (not with violence or riot)

38. Ladies who have said that they got some leg muscles by following I’ll Be Back’s rabbit dance (which we call it the shuffle dance.)

39. Always truly love one other for real.

40. Ladies who own fan cafe. (official fan website.)

Ohh one more thing: Happy birthday Jundyu! ^^

Now listening: 2PM- Back To You (while realizing that I'm a Halmemi~)


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yuri jeson said...

i love you guys amy imnida
Wooyoung you are my best dancer
i will allways love you^^

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