Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday Yoseob Goon!

Happy 22nd birthday Yoseob!!

Where do i even start? there’s so much that i wish i could say to you in person, but i don’t know if i’ll ever get that chance to see you again, so i guess this will have to do…

I am so so proud of you, of everything you’ve accomplished. you work hard, and you and the boys have a lot to show for it, but you never let any of your achievements or awards go to your head. instead, you set the bar higher, and just when we begin to think there’s no way you could ever get any more wonderful or impress us more than you already have, you do.

You know exactly what you want out of life, and you don’t let anything between you and your goals. you are gifted, caring, and beautiful- inside and out. your put your heart into every single performance, and you love with your entire self. you appreciate the things that have come your way and never see them as an excuse to think yourself better than others but, rather, as a reason to improve yourself more.

You’re a perfectionist, and sometimes i worry that you work too hard, or that you don’t realize how positively wonderful you are each and every time you perform. you’re sensitive, and you take a lot of things to heart, but you never let anyone see whenever you’re hurting. it’s okay! we love you, no matter what, and we want you to be happy! so, cherish the good times, and don’t worry about what other people are thinking. worry about yourself! you’re headstrong, and you don’t let people walk all over you- especially not the b2uties.

We always know when you think fans are out of line, because you never hesitate to tell us. we might not be the perfect fandom, but i am proud to call myself a b2uty and you’re definitely one of the reason why. you cherish each and every one of your fans, love them wholeheartedly. i know that you draw strength from the love you receive, but i hope you know that you give us strength as well ^^

2011 was a tough year for a lot of people, and i can personally testify to that. you, however, have been a continually driving force in my life. the sound of your voice, the radiance of your smile; it’s all i’ve ever needed to keep going. you remind me that, no matter how hard things might get, and no matter how impossible life looks, there is always someplace to find happiness and there is always a way to make your dreams into reality.

I adore you, Yang Yoseob. you give me hope; you make me laugh, smile, cry, squeal, everything. i am proud to call myself your Yobeo, 사랑해 ❤


Now listening: Yoseob (Beast)- Happy Birthday



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