Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kpop 30-Days Challenge Done in 1 Day!

1:Your ultimate Bias of a boy group:

2:Your ultimate Bias of a girl group:

3:Your Fave Kpop Boy group:
Beast, Big Bang, 2PM, Infinite

4:Your Fave Kpop Girl Group:
T-ara, Kara, 4Minute

5:Why do you like ur ultimate bias for boy group?
Because Beast is literally my soul. They are everything. Seriously.

6:Why do you like ur fave girl group:
2NE1 chaeil chalnaga! xD

7: Your fave heart-breaking kpop song:

8: Your fave “falling in love” kpop song:

9:Kpop song you can’t get out of your mind:

10:1st kpop group you knew:

11: Whats your fave album from your favorite boy group:
Beast Fiction and Fact

12:Whats your Fave album from you favorite girl group:
2NE1 To Annyone

13:A Favorite funny picture of ur Ultimate bias (boy):

*LOOOOOOOLLL! I'm sorry Junhyung! xDD

14:A favorite cute picture of ur Ultimate bias (boy):

His smile is forever cute ^^

15:A favorite sexy picture of ur Ultimate bias (boy)

16:A kpop group that you dislike and why:
Hmm.. Who?

17:A picture of a group who you think is underated:
Hmmm.. Too underrated to even know them #trollolol xD

18:Your Favorite dance from any group:
Infinite- BTD. In fact, ALL of their dance. Daebak!

19:Your favorite Kpop MV:

20:Which debut song you dislike the most from your favorite group (girl)
2NE1 Big Bang- Lollipop. Hmm maybe because I was jealous :P

21:Your Fave Couple: (anyone)

22:A kpop idol who has the best voice for ballads:

23:Your Favorite english cover by any group:
Beast Hyunseung- Nice and Slow

24:A kpop idol who has the best Aegyo:
Beast of course! ^^

25:Your favorite “main dancer” from any group:
Infinite Hoya & Dongwoo

26:Funniest Boy Group:
2PM, Big Bang

27:Funniest Girl Group:
Kara (that clumsy Sungyeol xD)

28:A kpop song you used to like but never listens to it now:
Super Junior- Don't Don

29:Kpop lyrics (1 line):
Naekko haja!

30:A kpop song that made you cry:

Se7en- Jal hal Gae/ Be Good to You


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